I take great pride in wearing many different hats.

Frank Marsters is my name;

I'm an artist, designer, illustrator, and game-design enthusiast who takes his services wherever they're required. I may be a bit of a romantic, but I like to think that a person can do something they love and create a lot of work they're proud of at their job. Over the span of my life I've been known to try my hand at just about every medium of art creation. I've dabbled in 3d modeling, painting, photography, sculpture, but I tend to work in a pen+ink style finished off with digital color. 

I'm fascinated by game design and user-interface(s), and I spend what little free time I can find playing the latest in a wide variety of games. Ever since I started playing computer games when I was a kid, one of my dream careers has been to be a concept artist in the field of games. I never cease to be amazed by the people who visualize, design, and craft those worlds and make them come alive. I'm an avid reader and book collector, a proud science-fiction junkie (my favorite author is probably Robert A. Heinlein) and I've been known to throw the occasional 20 sided die in the name of truth, justice, and the pursuit of loot and experience. 

In recent years I've begun moonlighting as the keytar player in an alternative-punk band (Hey Kid! Nice Bike!) and every now and again that will eat up some of my elusive "free time". But mostly my time gets consumed by work in various forms, whether for my own interests or a client.

Caution: Artist at Work
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