Carry many of the benefits of being in-client, ready on-the-go.

I'm a big fan of watching DOTA2 games and tournaments. I fully support VALVe in their pursuit of the evolution of E-Sports, and I've loved the ability to buy tickets to tournaments and the Compendium for this year's International. However, there are tournaments that have passed me by. Whenever I'm not going to be home for a large part of the event, I don't buy the ticket. If you have a laptop computer you can take your DOTA2 client with you, but it doesn't make for the most conveniently portable solution. In solution to this, I've dreamt up the Mobile Spectator Client!

VALVe very intelligently created their own spectator client for people who wish to watch the games but haven't yet made their way into the BETA. What if we take that idea a step further and put a paired-down spectator client on mobile devices? We all win because we can carry it with us, and VALVe wins because they can drive more ticket sales. I know I for one would be more likely to buy tickets to events and watch them on-the-go, and I imagine I'm not the only one who feels this way.

With access to the store at all times, players could purchase tickets they'd missed, or get them for new tournaments as they begin. If VALVe started crafting limited time deals? Be sure you can catch them, no matter where you are. If you're spectating a match, you can equip your pennant and show support for you team.

Never miss a match! Pro-sports have been doing well lately with watcher apps, why not bring it to E-Sports? The future of competitive gaming is built into DOTA2, why not continue that strong forward-thinking mindset and keep going? How about streaming updates? When you miss a goal, there's a world of apps to tell you. But if you miss a big First Blood? Now there's an app to keep you posted. Never miss a big play again.

All artwork is either the original creation of Frank Marsters, the property of VALVe, or artwork generated by VALVe that was then modified into the current versions seen here.