Rise of the Robots

One of the coolest things I've had the honor to work on was the Rise of the Robots interactive site/installation for Smithsonian Channel (the live and very cool version found here). Working with the awesome team at Neo-Pangea I was able to do all the "sketch-stlye blueprint" illustrations that ended up in the final page and the icons used as well. This intallation was then put on display at New York Comic-Con and now lives as an installation at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Battle Nations: Character Study

I believe when you can do something, you should prove it. When applying for a 2D Artist Position at a game company, showing you can do the style in question is never a bad idea. In this case, I'm showing I can produce the style of Battle Nations (the game's official page and a link to download it found here). Three quick pencil sketches that were then carried through to completion in digital color. For the purpose of copyright I feel it prudent to mention this work is obviously not official Battle Nations art.

Mad Science 101

Working with Black Tie Games on a very tight deadline, we put together this excellent 68 card game (you can purchase your own copy here.) Scientific silliness abounds as well and brains in jars and monkeys ready to be shot into space. Included in the art and design crafted for this project are the game box, logo, and website/store graphics which accompanied it.

Key Art: Tinker's New Toy

First and foremost, Tinker is not a character that I own. He is owned by VALVe and is from their (wonderful) game DOTA2. I did however find his likeness to be quite fitting for my theoretical DOTA2 Mobile Spectator Client (the concept of which is found here) and thus he became the focus of my conceptual Key Art to show off the idea. Accomplished over the course of 7 hours, this digital painting allowed me to make use of the skills I've been honing lately.

Character Concept: The Eden Series

Wrapped in leather, in a diver’s helm with glowing light; The Eden Series is a variation on the powerful Big Daddy characters found in the Bioshock game world. Conceptually, the Eden Series was designed to be a ‘brother’ to the Big Sisters found in the under-sea city of Rapture. This illustration was done at on a massive 30"x 36" scale and was intended as concept art for a free tabletop game set in the Bioshock world.

Spooky Tales Comic Cover

The challenge was placed before me to create a comic book cover. However, I was only given a vague idea of what would be contained within the pages of this theoretical tale. The resulting work was heavily inspired by the horror comics of the 1950’s. The initial illustration was hand painted watercolor over black pen lines, which was then scanned and given a final treatment in the computer to create the finished cover.

Character Concept: Bristleback (pre-release)

It's no secret that I love VALVe's DOTA2, and I've spent some good time roughing out various pieces of art based on their characters. But something else I enjoy doing is thinking about the upcoming character re-designs they've got coming down from Classic DotA. This concept of Bristleback is something I did a good 6 months before the character's release into DOTA2, and while I didn't guess the direction they ended up going in, I've pleased with my result nonetheless.

Gig Posters

Poster creation is a passion of mine. I started out collecting poster-books and learning as much about Gig Posters as I could, and very quickly found myself creating posters in my spare time. My passion gained recognition from local bands and I started applying my skills crafting posters by commission. Hosted here are various selections of my poster works ranging in size from 13"x 19" to 24"x 36".

Character Concept: The Sniper Crossover

I love when game worlds meet. Long before the cosmetic items began to arrive in DOTA2, I was considering the idea of Team Fortress 2's Sniper taking the place (and proportions) of DOTA2's Sniper. This simple concept sheet shows the basic idea there-in.

The Larboard League

Every business has a face, and the goal here was to make the face of the “Larboard League” one that was both interesting and versatile. I created a logo that would convey a nautical business and paired it with brand elements that evoke the League’s maritime experiences. I finished a complete stationery system and joined related theme elements for a polished final product layout.

The Flying Repairman

Every illustration is intended to tell a story. This one brings whimsy and imagination together with a collage of doodles and digitally-colored elements to tell the story of a handyman and his ordinary trials in an extraordinary location.


The design and illustration work I’ve done for Hey Kid! Nice Bike! has all been a labor of love. As a member of the band, I’m quite invested in its success and the way it’s perceived by the people who encounter it. Whether it’s logos, posters, web-graphics, shirt designs, or album artwork, everything I’ve created for HK!NB! is something I’m proud of.